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Newly Elected Mayor and City Council
Hold First Meeting
Ken SunseriKen Sunseri & Council
Thursday, September 4

In anticipation of taking office on November 3, Mayor-elect Ken  Sunseri called a meeting of the newly elected council members in order  to establish communication and cover items they would likely  encounter. Sunseri noted that until they are sworn in, they do not  have any authority to do anything official, but they could start  learning about the operation and needs of the city.

Some of the items covered included the city budget and  establishing a five year plan to manage the purchase and replacement  of city owned equipment, i.e. police cars, fire trucks, and street and  sanitation equipment. The plan would also encompass personnel to cover  retirements and other contingencies.

Long range road projects including the bypass and the widening of  Highway 13 from Goars to the railroad underpass were discussed.  Sunseri referred to several other projects in progress including a  sewer project in South Haleyville, the purchase of playground  equipment and others.

Sunseri stated he had been acquiring information and suggested the  new council members do the same in order to have a couple of months to  gain more knowledge before actually taking office. The high spirit and  enthusiasm of the group was very evident as they began planning to  serve Haleyville for to the next four years.
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