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Haleyville Historical Society 205.486.2112 (Vicky Dean - KFC) P.O. Box 611 Haleyville Alabama 35565
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Who is the Haleyville Historical Society?
The Haleyville Historical Society
is a private, non-profit educational institution established in 2004.

To contribute to the quality of life in Haleyville by preserving,
learning from, and celebrating its past while helping to shape its future.

Encourage understanding and appreciation of Haleyville’s cultural,
economic and physical heritage by individuals, agencies and organizations.
Research and interpret the history of Haleyville and its surroundings.
Provide strong heritage education programs for children and adults. (All
history classes include segment on “History of Haleyville.”)
Initiate and support the preservation of our historical landmarks, districts and neighborhoods
Help shape the city’s future development
Develop the Society as an institution
List individual properties or downtown on National Register
Establish National Historic District
Secure and develop and maintain a Museum & Restore Historical Markers
Celebrate the work of famous Haleyvillians - Pat Buttram,
Polly Holiday, “Lonzo” of Lonzo and Oscar, John Baragrey, Lili Gentle Zanuck
Develop website

Major Visitor Destinations
Home of 9-1-1 (Original Red Phone)
Haleyville Police Station
Rocky Ravine/City Lake
Park (Indian Site)
Railroad Depot (last place to have turntable)

Haleyville's Special Places
Historic Homes
The Palmer House (or Home) sold to Mose Feldman, sold to and renovated to its present condition by Dr. Joe and Judy Teal
—September 2006, Dr. and Mrs. Teal were notified by the Alabama Historic Commission that the Historic Palmer-Feldman House (the house where the Feldman family, original owners of the Historic Feldman Department Store, lived for 2 generations) has now been entered into the states' official registry of historic landmarks..

The Dodd Building
sold to Mose Feldman, sold to,
and renovated to its present condition and officially registered
with the Alabama Historic Commission as
"The Historic Feldman Department Store" by Dr. Joe & Judy Teal
Hazel Ray Home

Historic Buildings
Mayhall Bldg.
Haley Bldg.
Cowart Bldg
Haleyville Public Library, formerly Haleyville Post Office
Jerry Jackson, Atty. Office
"The Historic Feldman Department Store" by Dr. Joe & Judy Teal

Historic Cemeteries
Burial Sites
Aunt Jenny Johnston
Christopher Sheats
Bucky Davis
Haley Family
Boy on Hoggle Ridge Rd

Special Collections
Kenneth Ward Indian Collection
Sons of the Confederacy Display
More information available at Winston County Genealogical Society

To Do
Conduct a cultural resources survey to document the historic buildings and determine boundaries for
National Register districts or eligible individual properties.
Adopt a local historic ordinance and establish a seven member historic preservation commission

2007 Officers
Gene Godsey
Kenneth Ward
Vonda Honey
Konnie Thrasher



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