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Sunday, October 11, 2009
A 5:30 a.m Friday call for assistance from Bear Creek police chief Ed Franks brought officers from the surrounding communities to a mobile home park where a man was reportedly holding his girl friend's child hostage with a shotgun and threatening to shoot both the child and himself. When the man learned his girl friend had called the police he ran next door in an attempt to allude capture. As several officers arrived on the scene, the next door neighbor came to the door. "Are you looking for him?" the good neighbor asked while pointing to the man he had in a choke hold under his other arm. Chief Franks made the arrest without further incident.
Around 4:00 p.m. Friday, Haleyville Police SGT Dennis Bales made a traffic stop of a pickup which had been reported weaving, speeding and being driven erratically on Highway 13 South. Bales drove the man to the back of the Haleyville City Hall, took him out of the police car un-cuffed and was about to escort him inside for booking when the man broke and ran south toward the storage buildings behind Dollar Pawn. A call for assistance brought more officers to search for the escapee. As the neighborhood was being searched in a drenching rain, Haleyville Police Investigator Tim Steien in his personal truck and wearing civilian clothes found the culprit hiding under a house. This time he was cuffed and transported to the Winston County jail. The pickup he was driving was reported stolen from Jefferson County. He reportedly has an extensive record of previous arrests and charges including assaults against police officers and numerous stolen vehicle charges.
With a little over two minutes left in the fourth quarter of the Haleyville/West Point football game Friday night, Haleyville police officer Michael Glasheen came to the press box to escort the time keeper to join the other referees at the end of the game. Just after the two left, an explosion was heard and the visitor's side lights went dark. A moment later the home side lights also went out. There was no power failure, just no stadium lights. After several anxious moments the circuit breakers for the home side was successfully reset and the game completed with only home side lighting. Haleyville won 19 to 6.
Downtown Haleyville was busy early Saturday night with a group of movie goers and people who had come to see the first time ever live play performed in the auditorium next to Captain Dave's. At 10:30 p.m. with only the usual crowd of kids hanging out, there was an altercation between two young men. Haleyville police and 9-1-1 received calls of a knifing behind the Dixie Theater. Winston County Deputies responded to assist Haleyville. Haleyville policeman Nathan Whitman found 24 year old Eric Lovett/Martin had been stabbed with a knife by a 15 year old male. According to witnesses, the young man had been harassed and reportedly slapped by Martin. The knife wound was to Martin's back just above his belt line. He was transported by ambulance to Lakeland. He is presently in the Intensive Care Unit at Huntsville Hospital. The 15 year old was taken to city hall for questioning. No charges have been made against the juvenile.

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