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City Council Meeting
Haleyville police officer Rodney Shirley
Promoted to Sergeant
April 15, 2008
Agenda Link
City of Haleyville - 4-15-08 Shirley Promoted
Sergeant Shirley receiving congratulations from
Chief Kyle Reogas and  Mayor Larry Albright
• Two council members, Barry Warren and Bobby Jack Fuller were absent with all other member present.
• The council approved the regular council minutes of 4/1/08, and the March general obligation bills.
• Approval was made to advertise for bids for 2 new police cars. The bids will be opened on May 5, the day before the next city council meeting. Video Link
• Haleyville police officer Rodney Shirley was promoted to sergeant. Video Link
• The council approved a notice to proceed for an airport grant of over $200,00 that will be used for the purchase of some land and the clearing of trees on the approach path of runway 36 at the Haleyville airport.  Video Link
• Comments Video Link
• The next scheduled meeting of the Haleyville city council will be Tuesday, April 6, 6 p.m. at city hall.
April 15, 2008
 6:00 P.M.


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