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Haleyville ISO fire rating drops from 5 TO  4!
Haleyville CIty Council Meeting
January 3, 2008 City COuncile Meeting
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January 3, 2008

The ladder truck, other new equipment and training were the key  factors in securing a better fire protection rating for the  Haleyville fire district according to Phillip Weaver, HFD Chief at  the Thursday night city council meeting. The 4 is a very strong 4 and  not too far away from a 3 rating according to Weaver. Obtaining a 3  rating will be the next objective of the fire department. Weaver  stated only 6.9% of the fire departments in the country have a 4 rating. This was good news at the council meeting where Mayor Albright  commented that he had received a lot of criticism for the city's  purchase of the ladder truck that cost over a half million dollars.  The truck alone did not cause the new rating. The truck combined with  other equipment purchases, adding an additional fire station at the  airport, a training facility and lots of training, the new rating was  well deserved. Albright suggested that everyone should check with  their insurance company about the possible reduced rate.

Dean Morgan gave a great report on the thousands who came to view the Christmas lights at city lake.
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