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Winners of the 29th Annual ARC Miss Easter Pageant
Rachel Bailey
Winner Division V
Division I
Ages 1 & 2

Personality Plus: Jennifer Knight
Brightest Eyes: Kylie L. Carden
Cutest Smile: Kirsten Stevens
2nd Alternate: Brookleigh Shea Cockrell
1st Alternate: Chloe Hannah Hulsey
Winner: Myla Paige Brown

Division II
Ages 3 & 4

Personality Plus: Karley Brooke Dozier
Brightest Eyes: Karley Faith Lasker
Cutest Smile: Emma Donaldson
2nd Alternate: Mary Kathryn Sudduth
1st Alternate: Bella Porter
Winner: Kyndal Isabella Knight

Division III
Ages 5 & 6

Personality Plus: Aly Donaldson
Brightest Eyes: Jaken Nichole Terrell
Cutest Smile: Ana Marissa Aaron
2nd Alternate: Julia Bonner
1st Alternate: Madison Caine
Winner: Faith Anne Smith

Division IV
Ages 7, 8 & 9

Personality Plus: Kandice LaShae Adair
Brightest Eyes: Keisha LaShae Young
Cutest Smile: Annagrace Parsar
2nd Alternate: Robyn Thrasher
1st Alternate: Baylie Shae Crumpton
Winner: "Mary-Scott" Isreael

Division V
Ages 10, 11 & 12

Personality Plus: Jessica Spain
Brightest Eyes: Hannah Michelle Watson
Cutest Smile: Ryan Elyce Donaldson
2nd Alternate: Amber Marie Lynn Shelton
1st Alternate: Hannah Nowlin
Winner: Rachel Bailey

Overall Photogenic: Emma Grace O'Rear
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