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Wednesday, April 30 – 9:02 am
It Looked Real
John Patrick Dupree
A caller to the Haleyville police said there was a man with two pistols in his hands walking around in the 21st Street gym parking lot looking like he was stalking. Sgt Jason Williams and Officer Rodney Lewis were dispatched and quickly arrived on the scene.

John Patrick Dupree, 33, Haleyville did have what appeared to be two guns in his hands. The officers drew their guns and Dupree was instructed to put down the guns and lie on the ground. The police discovered both pistols were toys, one with an orange tip as a toy gun should have. The other looked very real. No orange tip. In addition, he was carrying a hatchet and a bowie knife on his belt. Dupree, was taken first to the Haleyville Police Station, then transported to the Winston County jail. Haleyville has requested an evaluation to determine his present mental state. Bond was not set awaiting the evaluation.

This incident happened in the parking lot of the 21st street gym. Dupree is presently living nearby in an apartment located between Head Start on 14th Avenue and Small Miracles Day Care on 13th Avenue. This area is adjacent to the Dixie Youth baseball field where a convicted sex offender was removed on Monday, April 21.


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