Passing a Pickup & Trailer
Hwy 129 Near CR 48 - 10:30 AM
March 17 - Haleyville — Rev Jane Houser, Houston, Ms, on her way to a funeral in Haleyville, attempted to pass a pickup pulling a trailer (background) and another car when she saw a truck in her rear view mirrow was already passing other cars behind her. The trucker locked down his brakes, then elected to leave the road rather than collide with the rear of Houser's car. The truck hit a tree and came to a stop in the ditch. The driver was transported by ambulance to Lakeland Hospital. The occupants of the other vehicles became witnesses, including Paul Dockery, his wife Patricia, daughter Julie and her son in a red Grand Prix. Tanner Martinez, 2, was a close witness, fortunately not a victim of the accident.

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