"Cactus Pass"
HHS Senior Class Play March 2 - 7 PM
HES Cafetorium
Trevor Barrington wants nothing more than for his snooty, rich family to see the "real America." But on their family tour of the west, their Rolls Royce motor home breaks down and he finds himself stuck with his wife and their children in rustic Cactus Pass, Arizona. For the last 80 years, the Cactus Pass locals have been embroiled in a feud between the Putnams and the Ludlows over stolen prize money from a hog-calling contest. The townspeople have catered ridiculously to the feuding families with separate mayors, alternate school days and even assigned shopping times. And every year since the feud began, the town's annual jamboree has been cancelled. When Trevor bribes the town to hold the jamboree so that his children can experience a "real American tradition," he sets in motion events that end up resolving the feud and exposing more than one thief in an exciting climax.