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Miller's Stand and Cemetery
A New Look at an Old Past
The corner of 6th Avenue and 10th Street in South Haleyville has long been known to be the site of some of Haleyville's first settlers, the Miller family. After discussions with the Haleyville Historical Society and city leaders a sign marking Miller's Stand and the Miller Family Cemetery has
been erected to commemorate the the 15-20 dead Miller family members and Miller's Stand. In the early days Miller’s Stand, operated by Charley Miller (buried with wife Martha in an unmarked grave on the corner 6th Avenue and 10th Street in South Haleyville), was the only lodging available for weary travelers who spent the night in Davis Crossing. Miller’s Stand included a tavern and inn. Most of the travel in those days was by way of stage coach, horseback/horse and buggy, or horse and wagon, traveling through rough roads and trails and often through the woods and rest was found at Miller's Stand. See related story >>>
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