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November 21 • 11 PM
5 Alarm Fire Destroys Frame Shop at
Posturecraft Mattress Company
Ashridge Fire Department was dispatched to the Posturecraft Mattress Company at 9:45 PM, was aided by Pebble, Double Springs, Delmar and Haleyville Fire Departments.

Fueling the fire was over 10 tons of high density foam, dry wood, 50,000 yards of fabric and other items. The fire completely destroyed the frame shop. The rear area of the building was the original Ashridge School House.

The loss affected eighty employees, most of whom worked at the main Posturecraft facility in Double Springs. Fifteen to twenty employees at the Ashridge frame shop of Posturecraft Mattress Company will be relocated to one of their facilities on HWY 278. The fire is under investigation by the state fire marshall at the request of the owner Charles Jones.

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