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Sami Warren Ronnie & Jerry Mobley Dr Joe & Band
Gentleman Jud Mize (performing vocals and guitar on Willie Nelson hits)
Sami Warren (dancing and singing)
Sponge Creek Bluegrass (Ben Cagle, Ronnie & Jerry Mobley,
Jimmy Preston, and Dr. Joe Teal playing Bluegrass and Gospel music)

Dr. William Harris once said …
"Appreciation is one of life’s rarest of perfumes -- perfume, because it is so sweet -- rare, because it is so rarely expressed."
Ladies and gentlemen, we are all here tonight to express our appreciation to 3 local heroes who went out of their way this year to help others improve their lives.
Nathan Preston "Officer of the Year"
Nathan Preston
Nathan Preston with parents Kathy & Jimmy
Haleyville Police Chief Kyle Reogas said in a letter to our Selection Committee:
"I would like to inform you that, by vote of the officers of the Haleyville Police Department, we would like to nominate a Police Officer of the Year.  He is a very courteous and considerate young officer, as is witnessed by the many comments and compliments we receive about him from the general community.  He is very conscientious about doing his job to the very best of his ability.  He is a volunteer member of the Haleyville Rescue Squad and serves on the dive team of the Rescue Squad.  He is also a member of the Haleyville Volunteer Fire Department.  All in all, he goes all out to 'serve and protect' his community, and I feel that he is very deserving of the honor of Police Officer of the Year."
In a letter to Chief Reogas, a concerned Haleyville citizen said:
"I would like to recommend someone to be nominated for Police Officer of the Year at the annual New Years Eve Party at the Teal Building.  I have come in contact with him several times and he always seems to be courteous, nice and well mannered.  I saw him more often when he was on day shift but I understand that he has been moved to nights and I don’t see him as often.  He seems to have good morals and upbringing and seems to be dedicated to his work.  He was called out to my house as a rescue person … and I’ve also seen him fighting fires around our town of Haleyville.  I just believe that he would be a great candidate for this award, and we do need to keep our young officers’ excited about their jobs … because everyday they put their lives on the line for you and me.  Thank you for taking time to consider this letter.  I hope to read in the paper that he received this outstanding award.
"It is a rare thing when someone goes that extra mile in life when they really don’t have to.  The late Mike Slocumb was that rare someone.   He will always be remembered by the citizens of Haleyville and surrounding area -- for his caring attitude, his intellectual wit, his mischievous nature, and his constant smile."
Mike Slocumb
Vicky Dean "Community Service Award"
Vicky Dean
"Last year our Selection Committee suggested we create a special Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize a very deserving local  citizen. This year they suggested we create a special Community Service Award to recognize another very deserving local citizen. 

--Whether it be:
--Planning a Civitan pep rally to boost the new year
--Helping conduct the Haleyville Historical Society
--Coordinating a week-long program honoring Haleyville and Winston County during Heritage Week
--Planning, writing, casting and presenting special historical programs for Haleyville elementary school classes
--Helping to honor Haleyville’s own 115th Signal Battalion …
--One of the things characteristic about this person, is her ability to work hard under pressure and solve complex problems … while always maintaining a cheerful attitude, a hard-working spirit, and a high work ethic … no matter what she is asked to do.  Whatever you ask of her, she always goes above and beyond to give it a special touch.
Sue Harris
Sue Harris "Good Samaritan of the Year"
"Earlier this year an editorial appeared in the Northwest Alabamian Newspaper that attracted much attention.  It said, in part:

‘I came far from home to care for my mother during her last days.  I stayed at St. Vincent in Birmingham for several weeks. My credit card stopped working … it had expired, you see.  I tried not to worry about that, even as I was looking at my last $20 bill.  Some people that love my mother came to see her.  During their visit they laid in my hand an envelop full of cash … donations from people I didn't’t even recognize by name.  After my mother passed away, I was amazed at the generosity of you people from Haleyville.  The food, flowers, friendship and cash meant more than you’ll ever know.  My mother loved this town.  Now it is so clear to me why.  On behalf of our entire family, in deepest appreciation, the daughter of Wanda G. Kelley.’
Later this year our Selection Committee received a written tribute to the person who had orchestrated the above generosity.  It said:
‘I would like to take this opportunity to mention a wonderful person.  She is a person who is continually thinking of others first.  She is the kind of person who always has a kind word for those around her, and is willing to go above and beyond to help those in need.  She has done many good deeds for many people over the years.  Her kindness and generosity reaches far beyond what you can imagine.  When I think of her, I am reminded of the Bible scripture at Mathew 22:39 which states that the second greatest commandment that God issued to us is that we should love our neighbor as ourselves.  She has practiced this on so many occasions, they would be too numerous to mention in one article.  I would like to take this time to focus on just two of those acts of love. 
In July of this year, Wanda Gail Kelly was hospitalized in Birmingham.  This person collected money to help with the medical expenses, and family expenses, associated with Gail’s hospital stay.  Everyone showed an outpouring of love and sympathy with their phone calls and well wishes.  However, she, as usual, took this love and generosity a step further … by unselfishly giving of her time and effort to organize the collection of the money.  She was there for this family’s time of need. 
Recently, she went to visit with a woman whose mother had passed away.  The woman is a mentally challenged individual, incapable of performing certain tasks for herself.  This person visits the woman often.  Just the other day, out of the blue, she stopped by this woman’s home, to find her sitting on the front porch.  She visited with this woman for a while, then took her to get her hair cut … and bought her a new pair of shoes.  These were some of the tasks the woman would not have been able to perform for herself.  Once again, this person carried out the commandment "love your neighbor as yourself".  Most in modern society have adopted an attitude to "look out for number 1" and "do unto others before they do unto you".  This person exhibit’s a much-needed attitude toward love and God’s purpose for mankind.  Knowing that there are people on this earth like her, making kind gestures of love, makes everyday a little more bearable.
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