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11-7-05 Haleyville Fire Department Gradates Firemen

Left Side Wall
Tiffany Buchanon: Nauvoo
Arron Buchanon: Nauvoo
Jonathon Chambers: Delmar
William Dickenson: Delmar
Jarrod Crittenden: Delmar
Matthew Lasker: Haleyville

Right Side Wall
Andrew Hall: Hamilton
Jody Nix: Hamilton
Shelene Yancey: Bear Creek
Mandy McCarley: Bear Creek
Robert Hendrix: Twin ( Plain Clothes)
Jeff Postell: Bear Creek( Lt Blue Uniform)
Center Row Left to Right
Rodney Shirley: Haleyville ( White Shirt)
Randy Williams: Haleyville


Back Row Left to Right
Nathan Preston: Haleyville
Justin McCluskey: Haleyville
Terry Burleson: Haleyville

Instructors: none are pictured, all from Haleyville unless noted
Tommy Lewis: Course Coordinator
Dean Morgan
Andy Frederick
Craig Thomas
Phillip Weaver
G. "Bo" Bolton: Tuscumbia Fire Department
David Cantrell: Hackleburg Fire and Air-Evac Lifetam Cullman

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