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Friday, August 29, 2014

Guthrie's Express Now Open in Village East

HFD Battles Late Night Fires

Sam Poe

A string of late night fires kept Haleyville firemen out until the early morning hours Friday. The first call began at 10:15 p.m. and was a fully involved house fire in the vacant home next door to Banks BBQ. In order to battle the blaze, State Highway 195 was shut down for several hours. Both Haleyville and Pebble firemen responded to the scene to extinguish the fire and protect Banks BBQ. The cause of this fire is unknown at this time. 


The second call came only minutes after the first when an overloaded outlet began sparking in a home in Meadowlark Circle. Haleyville firemen were able to secure that scene. 


And finally, the Haleyville Fire Department responded to a dumpster fire at KITH Kitchens in the North Industrial Park. Haleyville firemen quickly extinguished that fire and were able to complete all calls around 2 a.m. Friday morning. 

Fire Destroys Delmar Home

Sam Poe


There was a residential fire at 120 County Road 3508 Thursday at approximately 4:30 a.m. The Delmar, Haleyville, and Lynn Fire Departments responded to the scene, but the residence was already seriously damaged when firemen arrived. The home was completely destroyed, but there were no injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Alabama State Fire Marshal's Office. 

Panthers Return Home

Sam Poe

The Hackleburg Panthers will celebrate a milestone in the history of their football team Friday evening. When the Panthers step onto the field, it will be the first home game held at Hackleburg High School since the fall of 2010. The April 2011 tornado that destroyed most of the town of Hackleburg also wiped out the entire campus of HHS and the athletic facilities. 


Not only will Friday night be a big night for the current Panthers, but the graduates from the past three senior classes who played football but never played on the field at Hackleburg High School will be recognized before the start of the game. Hackleburg will face the Red Raiders of Marion County at 7:00 p.m. The special service for the recent graduates will begin at 6:30 p.m. 

Haleyville City Board of Education

Sam Poe

The Haleyville City Board of Education met Tuesday evening for the regularly scheduled monthly meeting. All board members were present, and the following items were approved.

  • board expenditures for the month of June $1,214,487.51
  • board expenditures for the month of July $1,353,835.79
  • HHS and HMS 2014 Fall Sports Athletic Schedules
  • revised 2014-2015 District Supplement Assignments
  • revised 2014-2015 Salary Supplement Schedule
  • service agreements for the 2014 football season
  • community partnership between Children's Policy Council and HCS for the purpose of sharing 20% of State At-Risk Funds
  • 2014-2015 HCS Capital Plan
  • Instructional Program Policy
  • Sex Offender Policy to be sent to components for input
  • HCS students and Jamie White to participate in the "A-Future" Technology Initiative
  • HHS Varsity Volleyball and Emily Johnson to travel Gulf Shores to participate in volleyball tournament October 9-12, 2014
  • PYLI students and Neina Middleton, Liz Noble, Beth Townsend to attend a youth leadership conference at Trinity Camp in Guin, AL October 6-8, 2014
  • use of HMS Lunchroom by the Haleyville Rotary Club September 12, 2014
  • appointment of Rita Butler as breakfast worker at HES
  • HCS Data Governance Policy to be sent to components for input
  • ATBE General Liability/Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance coverage for 2014-2015 school year
  • 2014-2015 HHS Curriculum and Registration Guide
  • use of HMS Cafeteria to the Band Boosters September 26, 2014
  • grant authority to superintendent to enter into a commercial card agreement with SunTrust Bank on behalf of the board
  • 11 fundraisers for HCS


Personnel Actions:

  • resignation of Joseph Faircloth as HHS Math Teacher
  • FMLA for Marlene Hicks
  • resignation of Sherri Lauderdale as HES breakfast worker
  • resignation of Jason McCoy as half time custodian at HES
  • resignation of Kelley Reid as HES Kindergarten Teacher
  • voluntary transfer of Kim Sartin from HES (4th grade) to HMS (6th grade)
  • hire of Rita Butler as half time custodian at HES
  • hire of Jessica Sartin as HHS Math Teacher


Paradise Canyon Cabins to Move to Hamilton

Sam Poe

Business owner, Jacky Barnett watches as state representatives search the rubble for the cause of the fire.


The Haleyville and Bear Creek Fire Departments continue working on extinguishing hot spots at Paradise Canyon Cabins throughout the day Monday. The local business was completely destroyed by fire during the night Sunday with seven area fire departments battling the blaze. Rather than to be discouraged because of the damage done, business owner Jacky Barnett stated he is using this fire as an opportunity for growth and does not intend to let this set the company back. He stated he will have the employees back to work as soon as possible, but the business will be moving operations to Hamilton. The fire is under investigation by the Alabama State Fire Marshal's Office. 


Lions Swat the Jackets

Sam Poe

The Haleyville Lions took the field for the first official game of the 2014 season Friday evening against the Winston County Yellow Jackets. The Lions brought home a 43 to 21 victory over the Jackets. Here's a look at the scoring summary for the game.

In the first quarter, Brady Sherrill returned an interception for an 80 yard touchdown and Antonio Reyes made the extra point to put the Lions up 7-0.  Next, the Jackets' Blankenship completed a 10 yard run and McKissak completed the extra point to tie the game at 7 at the close of the first quarter.  The second quarter brought on a lot more action, beginning with a 70 yard touchdown run from Brown and another kick from McKissak to put the Jackets up 14-7. Lions quarterback Conner Kiser completed a 24 yard scoring pass to Dillon Posey, but Reyes missed the kick leaving the Lions trialing 14-13.  Three minutes later, Posey scored on a 68 yard run, and the Lions went for two but could not complete making the score Haleyville 19 Winston County 14. As time expired on the half, Posey kicked a 42 yard field goal to take the Lions up 22-14 at halftime.

The first score of the second half was a Yellow Jackets' Blankenship to Whitman 63 yard pass and a completed McKissak kick to make the score 29-21. That would be the end of scoring for WCHS. The Lions then scored on a Kiser 66 yard run and a kick from Reyes to extend the lead for the Lions 36-21 at the end of the third quarter.  Kiser also had the only scoring drive of the fourth quarter with a 38 yard touchdown run and a completed kick from Reyes to reach the final 43-21 Lions victory. 

For more game photos, [CLICK HERE]. We extend special thanks to Dr. Heath Banks for assisting with photography for this game. 

Local Business Destroyed by Fire

Sam Poe


Another local business was destroyed by fire in the late night hours Sunday. Paradise Canyon Cabins located near Bear Creek on Marion County Highway 62 was reported fully involved at approximately 10:30 p.m. Firemen from the Haleyville, Bear Creek, Delmar, Pebble, Ashridge, Phil Campbell, and Hackleburg Fire Departments responded to the scene, but the fire completely destroyed the business.

Details are still limited at this time, but more details should be available later Monday. The fire is under investigation by the Alabama State Fire Marshal's Office. 

For more photos of the fire, [CLICK HERE].

For more information on Paradise Canyon Cabins, [CLICK HERE].


Post No Bills

Harold Bearden

As recently as this past Wednesday, an Alabama Power lineman demonstrated  why the law against attaching anything to a utility pole is still against the law in Alabama. Before bucket trucks, linemen had to actually climb the poles. This is a skill still required today because there are instances where getting a bucket truck in the right place just isn't possible. 

Obviously, climbing up or down could become a serious safety issue with possible injury from nails or staples or even the signs themselves. This dangerous situation necessitated a ruling from the Alabama Public Service Commission over fifty years ago and still in effect today.  That ruling was made to prevent the attachment of any form of signage to a utility pole (power and phone).


The poles belong to the respective utility companies and are not for public use.  Most of the Winston county politicians do not post on utility poles, knowing that it is against the law. There are ones "who don't know" who continue to nail, screw or staple their signage until it is brought to their attention. Even a yard sale sign is prohibited from being attached to a utility pole. 

The Haleyville City Council has been considering an ordinance based on the one used by Auburn, Alabama. Auburn was picked as a model because it has a national reputation of being a very clean city. This proposed ordinance will be a better version of one which has been on the books for years. It will specifically restrict the placement of all signage in the City of Haleyville, not just political.   

Yard sale signs placed in private yards with permission (if not owned by person placing sign) will be permitted, as is real estate signs, etc., but not allowed on city right of ways. The state already has such a restriction and is violated frequently, most notably at the intersection of Highways 13S and 129. 

What started as a safety issue, the law to not post signage on utility poles, has an additional benefit, helping keep the city of Haleyville cleaner. 

Saved by a Tree

Sam Poe

There was a one vehicle accident on State Highway 195, near County Road 403, in the Forkville Community Thursday. Responders from the Pebble Fire Department, Haleyville Fire Department, Alabama Department of Public Safety, and Winston County Sheriff's Department arrived on the scene around 5:00 p.m. The vehicle was several hundred feet off of an embankment, but when responders reached the vehicle, David Allen Whitman, age 55, told them the accident had occurred around 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning. Whitman was treated on the scene by Regional Paramedical Services before being flown for further treatment. 


Officials on the scene stated Whitman was traveling south on State Highway 195. He lost control of the truck and left the right side of the roadway. Whitman's truck came to a stop against a tree on the edge of an embankment. The accident is under investigation by the Alabama Department of Public Safety. 


Photos are courtesy of Ward's Towing.


HCS Budget Hearings


Haleyville City Board of Education announces the first of two budget hearings for the Haleyville City Schools System's 2015 fiscal year. The first meeting will be at 4:00 p.m. September 4, 2014, and the second hearing will be at 4:00 p.m. September 11, 2014. Both hearings will be held at the Albright Administration Building, 2011 20th Street, Haleyville, AL 35565.  These meetings are open to the public.


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