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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Haleyville Board of Education


The Haleyville Board of Education met for their regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening with all members present. The Board approved expenditures from May in the amount of $1,289,778.65. Approval was made for school curriculums, course guides, numerous handbooks, and bids for paper, bread, milk and ice cream for the coming school year. Several items were declared surplus and sold on govdeals.com. 

in personnel, the Board approved the following:

To hire of Michelle Dempsey as lunchroom worker at HES.

To hire Tiffany Smith as special Ed teacher at HHS

The resignation of Jason Cooper as math teacher at HMS

The resignation of Jennifer Warhurst as Assistant Principal at HMS

The resignation of Byran Ward as EL teacher at Haleyville City Schools

To hire Jeffery Whitten as Grade 7 math teacher at HMS

To hire Lisa Emerson as Bright Start Morning Tutor at HES

the voluntary transfer of Wayne Frazier from principal at HES to math teacher at HMS

To hire Tammy Hatton as Assistant Principal at HMS

To hire Anna Beck as Special Education teacher at HES

The resignation of Chandler McAlister as Special Education teacher at HES.

The next regular meeting of the Haleyville Board of Education will be Tuesday, July 26. 

Truck Struck by Train Driver Killed UPDATED


A dump truck was struck by a southbound Norfork-Southern train at the Phillips Crossing in Bear Creek at 11:30 Tuesday, June 28. The driver, James Junior Mitchell, 66, Hackleburg was killed in the crash. The truck was a Marion County Road Department vehicle and Mitchell was an employee of the county. No other information is available at this time. Bear Creek police are investigating the crash. 

Two Arrested With Guns and Drugs


Monday night, June 20, 9-1-1 received a call from a residence on County Road 48 located just south of Haleyville off Highway 195. The caller said someone was waving a rifle and shouting. Deputies were dispatched to the scene, but the gun-wielding man left before they could arrive. With a description of the vehicle, Haleyville police officers drove in the direction of the incident as a backup and stopped the vehicle at the Chevon in Haleyville just after midnight Tuesday morning. When the officers looked inside they could clearly see a rifle in the back seat. Having probably cause, a search of the vehicle was made and both illegal drugs and guns were found. 

The two occupants were arrested with multiple charges. Brandon Lee Momon, 35, and Paula Gail Walters, 41, both of Waco, Georgia, are being been held in the Winston County jail with charges of possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, drug trafficking and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In addition to the drugs, the couple also had two guns in the car and one on the female, a loaded 5 shot derringer. The other two were a 32 cal automatic handgun and a 9mm handgun. All were loaded. The rifle was a 308 high power rifle with no serial number and appeared to be custom made. There were four crack pipes, a set of digital scales, 2 butane lighters and a box of 308 shells. 

The drugs are being sent to a lab to confirm it is meth in ice form and the guns will be checked by the Alabama Tobacco and Firearms, ATF. 

Haleyville police officers, SGT Eddie Collins, and Heath Lewis were the arresting officers.

One Minor Injury


Tanya Hicks, the wife of Haleyville Police SGT Steve Hicks, suffered minor injuries when her 2007 Jeep left Newburg Road about 1:30 p.m. Monday afternoon during a rain shower. The southbound vehicle left the road and landed in a ditch headed in the opposite direction. SGT Hicks was on duty and said his wife would be fine, but was complaining of pain in her knee. She was transported to Lakeland ER. 

Telephone Scams


It's summertime and it scam time big time. 

Have you received a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, Publisher Clearing House, Google, the Police officer Association, or Special Olympics asking for a donation? Someone may say you have won a prize, but, and this is a big but. These calls are just scams. Its a way to get your personal information and your money. The prizes are free, if you send then some money. Think about it. 

When you get such a call, please, just hang up. These callers are slick and will say things to make you think they are real. They are not.  Some calls may be automated, and will put a live person on when you respond.  So, just don't respond. Hang up immediately and keep your personal information, and your bank account intact. Your money was too hard to come by to lose it to a con artist on the phone. 

The quicker you hang up, the quicker these calls will stop.  Be smart, don't be conned by phone. Just hang up, immediately. It won't take long before the con artists will realize you are smart and stop calling.

UPDATE: Inmate Apprehended


Jeffery Chase Miles, 24, an Alabama Department of Corrections inmate who was serving time for burgarly, walked away from his work release job in Addison Thursday evening has been apprehended and is back in custody. He was not a Winston County inmate but was serving time in Decatur. 

Notice of Election


Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, August 23, 2016, an election will be held for the purpose of electing a mayor and five councilmen.  The places to be filled in the Municipal Election are for the following places: Mayor; Councilmembers for Place #1, Place #2, Place #3, Place #4, and Place #5.  All registered and qualified electors of the state who have resided within the corporate limits of Haleyville, AL for 30 days or more immediately preceding the date of such election, and who are qualified to vote in the county precinct which embraces and covers that part of the corporate limits of Haleyville, Alabama in which the elector resides will be authorized to participate in said Election at the Neighborhood Facility Building (NFB) and the 21st Street Gym.

Also, that an election for the purpose of electing School Board Members for Place #4 and Place #5 of the Haleyville School System will be held on the same date as the Haleyville Municipal Election, and that all registered and qualified voters of the state who reside in the school district of Winston County who vote at the Neighborhood Facility Building (NFB), the 21st Street Gym, Crossway Church, Pebble Fire Station, and Beat 10, Box 1 at the Delmar Fire Department, and have resided therein for 30 days or more immediately preceding the date of such election will be authorized to participate in said election.

The polls will be opened at 7:00 A. M. and will close at 7:00 P. M. at the following polling places: Municipal and School Board - Neighborhood Facility Building (NFB) and the 21st Street Gym. Polling Places for just the Haleyville School Board will be the Crossway Church, the Pebble Fire Station, and the Fire Department in Delmar.

Any run-off election will be held on October 4, 2016 at the same places and time as stated above.

Any qualified elector who will have resided within the municipality for the Municipal Election or the Winston County School District for School Board for a period of at least 90 days on Election Day may qualify to run for office by filing the appropriate forms and paying any appropriate fees, as otherwise provided by law.

The Municipal Elections Manager will begin accepting Statements of Candidacy at 8:00 A.M. on Tuesday, July 5, 2016. No Statement of Candidacy for this election will be accepted later than Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 5:00 P.M. 

A candidate for municipal office or school board must file a Statement of Economic Interests, unless one is currently on file, with the State Ethics Commission http://ethics.alabama.gov simultaneously with the date the candidate files his or her qualifying papers or his name shall not appear on the ballot. 

ADOC Inmate Walks Away From Work Detail


An Alabama Department of Corrections inmate has walked away from a work detail at a job site in Addison around 8:20 p.m. Thursday night, Jeffery Chase Miles, 24, is a white male, 5' 10", 140 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. He has several tattoos of an anarchy emblem with spiderwebs and Ruck Prison piece with "Bad Co." He was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. Miles was serving time for a burglary conviction. Miles was not an inmate of the Winston County jial, but was in the Decatur work release program. However, If you have any information as to his whereabouts, please contact the Winston County Sheriff's Office.  


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